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Gas Appliances and the importance of safety checks and servicing.

Any gas appliance can be potentially dangerous unless it is well maintained. It is recommended that most gas appliances should be serviced annually to check that they are safe to use and operating efficiently. Of particular importance is to ensure that your gas fire is checked on an annual basis to ensure that there is no risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This is one of several gases that is created as a result of the the gases being burnt. Normally the fumes will be extracted safely up the flue, but if the gas appliance or flue has not been properly maintained, there may be a risk of Carbon Monoxide leaking into the room.  For more information of Carbon Monoxide, visit the Gas Safe website or select the following link. Find out more...

In Summary

To ensure that your gas appliance is working safely and efficiently, get it serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer and get a electronic Carbon Monoxide detector installed. I am able to supply Carbon Monoxide detectors upon request.


Power flushing is required when there is a build up of Magnetite sludge in your central heating system. The best way to diagnose whether power flushing is necessary is to feel if the bottom of your radiators are signficantly cooler than the top. In extreme cases this sludge can completely block your pipework but even in small amounts this sludge can reduce efficiency greatly and also damage your boiler. A power flushing machine is connected up to your central heating  system and a cleanser is circulated through. Each radiator is flushed through individually until all sludge is removed and finally an inhibitor chemical is added to stop the build up of sludge in the future. If you think you may be in need of a powerflush please call us for a competitive quote.

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